The grasses carpeting the vineyard and keeping the soil healthy and rich rely on pollination by Lost Lake’s very own grist of bees (yep, that’s the name for a group of bees) that originated from Ash’s Pa’s property in 2007.

They aid in the pollination of the vines and sweeten the deal by providing amazing honey! On your way into Lost Lake you may meet Scratch & Sniff, resident Alpacas in charge of watching over the industrious flock of sheep, an Organic cross breed of WA Wiltipoll and Mini Meat.

These sheep not only take care of the mowing, they also assist in the leaf plucking throughout the vineyard. Guinea Fowl not only look cool, but minimise the bug populations! Sadly, though their presence attracts Eagles and Hawks to the area.

The upside however being that this discourages the Silvereye, a forest bird partial to the taste of grapes. Strong believers in natural and organic methods Ash and Tia have been able to create a unique environment at Lost Lake that enables them to produce wines with intense regional characteristics.